Another New Year!

How do you start a new year?

Well it’s that time of the year again! With many people now back at work this week after a well earned (or maybe not, J) holiday period. Here in Australia we have our summer holidays and many businesses close down for a couple of weeks, enforcing a holiday for staff.

So how do you start your new year? If you’re like many people I know, they rock up to work on the first day back, spend time saying hello, then a few hours checking their emails, before getting back into the daily grind or ‘fire fighting’. They just hoped the fires would be extinguished over the holiday!

Not me, I always have my emails at least read prior to getting into the office on the first day back, I dislike surprises at work so I make sure I’m on top of what actions there are, or any simmering embers or raging fires before I get in. I also make sure I spend at least some time reflecting on the previous year or period that was. For me personally, 2016 was an exceptional year of more new highs, so I want to understand what I did right so I can continue doing it as well as look at some areas that I need to improve on.

Then it’s time to review my personal and work goals for 2017. For me this is a really important process; I don’t spend a long time on it but I do always make sure this is done at least quarterly with the start of a new year the most important time. In 2016 I achieved many of my short term and a few medium term goals; if I hadn’t set them, I definitely wouldn’t have achieved them and if I hadn’t reviewed them regularly, I would have quickly lost interest and let be what will be.

One of the things I want to improve on from last year is my blogging and podcasting, I find I start the year off well but then as I get busier this is an area that I let fall away. I am going to set a more realistic goal this year of blogging and podcasting monthly rather than a weekly target that is too difficult to keep, so in 2017 I will be broadcasting monthly with a bit more chunkier info.

So I’ll ask you again, how do you start your year?

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